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Plaza de toros de Granada Bullring of Granada 'La Monumental de Frascuelo'. The bullring guide

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History of Granada Bullring

The Monumental of Frascuelo was inaugurated on September 30, 1928 with bulls from Concha y Sierra for Manuel Jiménez ‘Chicuelo’, Felix Rodríguez (who was later replaced by Armillita Chico) and Joaquín Rodríguez ‘Cagancho’.

The bullfighter José Moreno Sánchez ‘Lagartijillo’ was the one who promoted the construction of this third arena, together with a group of friends among whom were the Marqués de Dílar, the Count of Guadiana, José Castinello and Celestino Echeverría.

The first bullring that Granada had was the Maestranza, the third oldest in Spain and built in the eighteenth century. It burned down in 1876 and gave way to the construction of the second one: the Plaza del Triunfo. This one was standed up until the 40s (lived with the current one).

The Monumental of Frascuelo is named after the predilection that Lagartijillo Chico had towards the Master. It was designed by Ángel Casas and built by the Granada master builder José Jiménez Callejas ‘El Pajarero’, who managed to build it in just one year. The bullring is neo-Mudejar style with half-pointed and horseshoe arches. It has three floors covered with ornaments in the windows, lattices and an impressive large door. It is one of the ten largest in Spain, occupying 9,000 square meters and with capacity for more than 14,000 spectators.

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1992.



Bullring of Granada, seating chart.

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Plano plaza toros Granada

Segunda Planta:
Delanteras de Andanada

Primer Piso:
Delantera de Grada

Tendidos - Piso Bajo:
Tendidos Filas 2-18
Tendido 1ª Fila
Barrera Fila 2
Barrera Fila 1

Location: Avenida del Doctor Olóriz s/n. 18012 Granada

Capacity: 14.500

Category: Segunda


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